At Payroll Select, we believe you should have access to your data via usable reports. With over 600 predefined reports, a report query, and the ability to customize reports, we are confident that you will get what you need.

Our Report Library houses over 600 reports ready for use. To increase their usability, many reports allow for a custom selection by payroll period, date range, employee grouping, or other specific data criteria defined by you.

Furthermore, posting payroll into your accounting system has been simplified using our Journal Entry Report. This report is customized to use your chart of accounts eliminating the need to search several reports just to create your entry. The best part is, this can be retrieved electronically making importing into your accounting software feasible.

Ad Hoc reporting allows for instant access to all data fields. This feature will allow you to choose which data fields you would like in a report and omit those you do not. When exporting these reports you choose the order of the columns and export format to help ensure it is usable to you.

If you still cannot find what you need we will create it for you – just let us know what you need!